Earth Mama Organics

    Earth Mama makes effective herbal care for the whole journey of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby care or even the loss of a baby.

    Motherhood is a wild ride. It’s crazy and exciting and fun, and it turns you upside down and it takes every ounce of strength, courage, humor and wisdom — no matter how you become a mama. Because here’s the thing: once that little human being enters your universe, you realize your heart no longer belongs to you. And that’s ok.

    Fierce love, gut-wrenching fear and boundless joy are simultaneously present and part of the process. We’ve been there and we’re here to tell you: you’ve got this, you’re not alone, and by the way? You’re amazing. Hemorrhoids and all.

    From the positive test to the big push, from the first latch to the thousandth diaper, Earth Mama effectively supports the miraculous wonders and common indignities of motherhood with effective herbal care. Trusted by doctors, midwives, neonatal intensive care units, lactation consultants and mamas worldwide, Earth Mama combines generations of women’s wisdom with traditional plant medicine to formulate certified organic herbal tea, soaps, balms, lotions, soothing sprays, and the first Non-GMO Project Verified nipple cream. We’ve been safely nurturing mamas this way since 2002 — and we’re happy you’re here.