About Us

We are two moms from in Las Vegas, and share a love of baby gear and clothes. Trisha's 4th Jaxon, and Avigail's 2nd Rhett, were born two days apart, and the rest is history. We have a passion for sibling sets, high quality items, and a personalized customer service touch. We are known to buy every single Jellycat in a collection, love making themed gift baskets, and pride ourselves in knowing our customers children's sizes, favorite colors, and preferences. We now have 8 living children between us, and even though we live across the country from each other (Avigail moved to Maryland in 2022), we love working together every day together to make this the best small shop you'll ever come across. Trisha is in charge of our in store operations, and Avigail is in charge of our online operations, but being such a small business, we both dabble in everything. Fun Fact: All buying is done by both of us, together!

Please be in touch with us at hello@belliestobabiesboutique.com or with any suggestions or questions!