The Hate Stains Co.


    Tough on stains Not on skin, clothing or the environment

    While we do really hate stains, we also love our skin, clothes, and environment. That is why we worked so hard to develop Miss Mouth’s remarkably effective stain remover that only uses ingredients and packaging that meet our own consciences as parents. 

    We were also happy to receive certification for our formula's ingredients from Safer Choice.

    The Safer Choice label gives consumers assurance that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in products that carry the label to ensure they meet Safer Choice’s stringent criteria and help consumers choose safer products.


    Peroxide, Chlorine, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, No Sulphates (SLS, SLES, SCS), Troclosan, Parabens, MEA, DEA, TEA, Animal by-products, Allergens, Perfumes, Dyes or Caustics.


    Naturally derived ingredients, Safer choice certified, 100% Biodegradable Surfactant, pH Neutral, Safe for 

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