Lou Lou and Company

Karen started making baby products in 2012 when she learned she was pregnant with her first child. A mama at heart since she was a toddler herself, and one of 5 girls, Karen could always be found bouncing dolls to sleep. Even at age 12 she loved perusing baby aisles, comparing car seat features and trying to figure out which was the best one. Her husband now laughs as he sees Karen give baby store employees a run for their money on the best ways to use everything from strollers to wipe warmers. She has also always had a love for making things herself; if she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, she created it. As a nanny for over 10 years and a NICU nurse for 5 years, where she was constantly swaddling babies, Karen saw a variety of stiff baby blankets that gave little ones rashes on soft newborn skin. She knew she wanted something different than the cookie-cutter baby blankets at chain retail stores. She wanted her babes to have the very best. Buying up every brand of cotton-muslin swaddles, Karen tried one after the other and quickly found none of them could provide the softness and snug swaddle she was looking for. Babies always seemed to wiggle out of the swaddle because they didn’t have any stretch and they weren’t able to swaddle a baby past 2 months old because none were big enough. After spending hours hand-picking material, she got to work on a home sewing machine (while bouncing a new baby on one knee), and the first Lou Lou blanket was born. Karen created a much larger blanket with added stretch to be a little more snug. Soon she had several blankets that other mom friends took notice of and wished for. On a meager budget, Karen began to participate in local markets with her products and would sell out at every one of them. Word spread quickly because it was exactly what so many moms were looking for. She was excited to be able to try her hand at improving other essential baby items like headbands that don’t leave a mark, baby carriers that are instinctive to use, and a nursery line that can be distinctly your own. While Lou Lou is still growing at a rapid pace, Karen keeps her role in the business part-time to stay focused on her first priority: her family. After searching far and wide, Lou Lou has now grown a team that’s the cream of the crop. All material is still hand picked, sewn with care and attention to detail, and there is a limited number of each pattern created to ensure yours will be unique. The products she creates are made to simplify and ease the stress of a mother’s day so they can give their kids the same attention and care. We wholeheartedly hope you (and your little one) love our products as much as we do!

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