Tonies Audio Play Character: Trolls - Viva
Tonies Audio Play Character: Trolls - Viva

Tonies Audio Play Character: Trolls - Viva

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Celebrate the power of music with toe-tapping tunes from "Trolls Band Together"!

The beloved musical adventure continues as the trolls discover an ancient prophecy that foretells the arrival of a new, powerful troll leader destined to unite all troll tribes against a common threat. Enter Viva, a spirited and determined young troll from a distant land, with an extraordinary gift for harnessing the power of nature through her enchanting songs. When Viva arrives in Troll Village, she faces challenges and skepticism but soon proves her worth as she embarks on a thrilling quest to protect their world from the resurgence of the ancient enemy. With toe-tapping tunes, heartwarming friendships, and a message of unity, "Trolls Band Together" celebrates the power of music and individuality while reinforcing the strength found in unity.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Embracing Individuality
  • Overcoming Your Fears
  • Friendship

Dreamworks Trolls Ā©
DreamWorks Animation LLC.
All rights reserved.

    • Accessories include booklet & instructions
    • Made in Tunisia
    • Toniebox sold separately
    • Age Range: 3-5


    Chapter 1: The Family BandĀ 
    Chapter 2: John Dory ReturnsĀ 
    Chapter 3: Velvet And Veneer's PlanĀ 
    Chapter 4: On The RoadĀ 
    Chapter 5: Welcome To Vacay IslandĀ 
    Chapter 6: Meanwhile, At The Diamond DomeĀ 
    Chapter 7: One Bro To Go It Takes Two šŸŽµĀ 
    Chapter 8: Viva Closes The GatesĀ 
    Chapter 9: Floyd Tries To EscapeĀ 
    Chapter 10: Family Harmony FailĀ 
    Chapter 11: Brozone Hits The Rage DomeĀ 
    Chapter 12: On The Red CarpetĀ 
    Chapter 13: The Perfect Family HarmonyĀ 
    Chapter 14: Band TogetherĀ 
    Chapter 15: The Biggest Family Reunion Ever We Are Family šŸŽµĀ 

    Total Run Time: 60 minutes

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