Earth Mama Organics: Seeds Of Hope (Forget-Me-Not Seeds)

Earth Mama Organics: Seeds Of Hope (Forget-Me-Not Seeds)

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Women who have lost a baby have unique emotional and physical needs. While all need comfort and care for a broken heart, some might also be experiencing postpartum symptoms. Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort products were designed to naturally address aching breasts, aching bodies and aching hearts.


Seeds of Hope are easily sown, Forget Me Not seeds to plant, grow and nurture. The sensitive blessing on the back of the packet begins:

“I am planting these seeds in remembrance of you. As I tuck them into the soil, I am planting my hope for the future While I bury my dreams of holding you in my arms...”

Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort is a site for mamas who have suffered the greatest loss. There you will find grief resources, support suggestions, and a safe space to honor grief and express loss.

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