The Doughnut King

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"Tris Levin thought moving from New York City to middle-of-nowhere Petersville, meant life would definitely get worse...but it actually somehow got better. Just when things start to look up though, problems start rolling in.

Problem: His doughnut business has a major supply issue, not to mention Petersville having its own supply problem--it doesn’t have enough people. Solution: Petersville becomes a tourist destination, and his shop could be a big part of it--if Tris can keep up with demand.

Enter: a $50,000 doughnut machine and a cutthroat competitive kids’ cooking show that Tris needs to win in order to buy it. You can bet dollars to doughnuts that Tris has what it takes to win!

PAGES: 336

AGE: 8-12

BINDING: Trade Paperback