Smash + Tess Monday Romper: Slay Grey
Smash + Tess Monday Romper: Slay Grey
Smash + Tess Monday Romper: Slay Grey
Smash + Tess Monday Romper: Slay Grey

Smash + Tess Monday Romper: Slay Grey

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Hi Debbie,

I hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to follow up on my email last week and see if you’ve had a chance to review the attached image. I would be happy to set up a conference call at your earliest convenience if that’s easier to discuss the utterly adorable, completely cozy, and seriously cool Monday Romper. I have a case of the Mondays and you likely do as well, so I’m hoping we can regroup, layout our goals for optimum comfort, and touch base later today on how we can get our groove on. 

Thanks so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon,

Smash + Tess

Just another manic Monday?! Wish it was Sunday? We have the perfect remedy! You know we always got you #smashtessgirls ;) Our new staple Romper will have you saying YASSSSSS MONDAY instead of faking a cough to get out of your 9am meeting. Made in our signature Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton blend in Midnight Black and custom Slay Grey, this Romper has all the other days of the week seriously jealous. It has ¾ length arms, cute jogger cuffs, and a new and exciting Smash + Tess neckline that’s a little higher and flattering on every #smashtessgirl. We promise… we tried it on like 100 times and it’s freaking cute.

For the majority of our rompers, excluding limited edition, seasonal items, we use an incredibly soft and high quality fabric that is 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton and 6% Spandex. 

Although the fabric experts say you should wash cold and can tumble dry, some dryers are a girl’s best frenemy! Sure they make life easy, but they can be super hard on your clothes! To be on the safe side, we recommend washing in cool and lay flat to dry. Be sure not to hang it, as the weight of the item may stretch and pull it down.

How do you keep your romper silky smooth? Fabric pilling can be prevented to some extent by proper washing and care. Try washing your romper inside out and on a shorter wash cycle with gentle agitation.

And a reminder, just because the fabric is expensive, does not mean that it’s made of steel. It will snag or tear if you aren’t careful. So be sure to take good care of your romper, and yourself – cause both are amazing!