Mystery Bundle - Up to Double Retail Value!

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Guaranteed to be a hit!!!

$99 Bundles will have $149-$200+ of product at MSRP.

$149 Bundles will have $225-$300+ of product at MSRP.

Each bundle will have 1.5 to 2 times (or MORE) of MSRP/ retail value. Includes a combination of brands including Kickee Pants, Kyte Baby, Hatley, Ruffle Butts, Plus Plus, Slumberkins, Ryan and Rose, Mary Meyer, Loulou Lollipop, Lululjo, Moon and Beck, Little Lopers, Workman Publishing Books, and more.


Size 6-9 will include 6-12 as well!

Size 5 will include Size XS daywear.

Size 6 will include Size 7 and Size S daywear.

Size 8 will include Size 9 and Size M daywear.


Men's and Women's may include a blanket (40x60 or larger).


All bundles will be heavy in Kickee Pants! 


Non refundable, no requests, and no exchanges. Final sale.