KICKEE PANTS Spring 1, 2020: Botany


The study of science involves observation, experimentation and curiosity. Children - who are open to new things, curious beyond measure, and passionate about figuring out how things work, how they are made and what they are made of - are natural scientists! Kickee Pants' next collections will explore various branches of science and encourage our future scientists to keep exploring the world, discovering new things, and looking at old things in new ways! Our next collection in the series explores the science of BOTANY. With beautiful, bright tropical plants and flowers, garden vegetables and juicy watermelons, the colors of nature come to life in this collection.


During Presale (12/15/2019 until the line ships) you can use code HalfDownBotany to pay half now and half due upon delivery. Orders paid in full will receive a small gift with their delivery. Delivery to B2B is expected between Dec 15, 2019 and Jan 15, 2020, although slight delays may occur due to manufacturer. All presale orders including deposits are final and non-refundable.

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