Turkey Meatballs With Snuck-in Veggies!

I used to love to blog and always put recipes in. I didn’t plan to blog about this so so not have exact measurements or good pictures. But they’re so good and so healthy, I thought I’d go for it anyway!


My kids are super picky. I think the following meme was literally written about my 4 year old (luckily our 2 year old is just normal toddler picky, not as bad). 


I won’t lie to you - my kids won’t eat these. But not bc they’re not perfect for kids. Bc my kids aren’t crazy. My 4 year old actually ate about 1/4 of one, which if you know him, is miraculous. He literally eats yogurt, snacks, and cheese. Even at birthday parties he asks if he has to eat cake. Literally. My 2 year old eat chicken, fruits, veggies, yogurt, and snacks. It’s great he eats fruits and veggies but he won’t touch any other “meal” type food. But I promise - if you have a normal level picky toddler, make these!!!


Here’s the secret. You know how you add egg and ketchup to ground turkey when making turkey meatballs? Well, put egg white and ketchup in your blender, and then add a huge amount of spinach and some carrots. Purée it up well (vitamix for the win).  Then mix it into your ground turkey (I buy in bulk at Costco, I believe it’s 93% fat free).  It will look very very green. Fear not! It won’t after cooking. 


I use old old fashioned oats instead of bread crumbs, and I use a middle eastern spice called “Ras el hanout”. It’s PERFECT for meatballs. 

Heat up tomato sauce in a slow cooker or big pot, and scoop the meatballs in! 


Seriously, my dad and my husband had no idea how much spinach and how many carrots were in this!!!

I eyeballed but here is a general idea of the recipe



1 jar tomato sauce (white linen from Costco is the BEST)

i lb lean ground turkey

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1/4 cup egg whites

2 tbs ketchup

2 packed cups spinach

1 large carrot, or approx 1/2 cup chopped carrot 

1/2 tbs garlic salt

2 tbs Ras el hanout




1. Heat up tomato sauce  

2. Blend egg, ketchup, spinach, and carrot in blender

3. Mix veggie mixture with turkey and oatmeal and shape into 1.5” balls  I use a cookie scoop! Plop into your Tomato sauce and cook on low for a couple hours. You can also pan fry these with a little olive oil and no sauce if your kids won’t eat tomato sauce like tiny patties.


You can serve these with rice or pasta but I prefer solo, and my husband eats them as a meatball sub in a pita flatbread!


Enjoy! Let’s see if Henry will break his record and eat more than 1/4 of one!


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